Company History

Though the history of Tompkins Industries spans more than four decades, the same values on which the company was built remain relevant today. Company founder, J.L. Tompkins Sr., sought to create a business which provided reliable products at competitive prices. A company that made customer service a primary goal.

The Trusted Source for Hydraulic Adapters and Fluid Power Products.

Tompkins Canada began its life as Can-Am Hydraulics, founded by James McGuiness in 1988 to manufacture and distribute hydraulic adapters for the Canadian market. Sean McGuinness joined his father in the business in 1989 before taking over as sole owner in 2004.
In October 2010, Sean partnered with Tompkins Industries, a major U.S. player in the adapter industry based in Kansas City, Missouri. Can-Am Hydraulics has since been transformed into Tompkins Canada.

About Tompkins Industries

Tompkins Industries began in J.L. Tompkins’ garage in 1967. Since that humble beginning, Tompkins has grown to become a major supplier of reliable hydraulic adapters and related products at competitive prices with a focus on customer service. Today Tompkins Industries is an ISO-certified company, which means you can trust our products to meet or exceed all industry standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply quality products to our customers with the highest level of service. We will always look for ways to improve our product line. We will continue to be the leader in offering new products, services and innovations. The market will drive us as we stay close to our customers and listen to them. They are the reason we exist.